PepsiCo withdraws cases against two big farmers

Updates from :  the Hindu :

It had sued them for ₹20 lakh

PepsiCo has applied to withdraw its cases against two brothers who are major potato farmers and traders in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat.

This is the first concrete move taken by the company to back down from its cases against at least nine potato farmers who grew its protected variety used to make Lays chips.

PepsiCo’s lawyer filed the application in a Deesa court on Monday.

Anand Yagnik, lawyer for four small farmers owning 3-4 acres each in Sabarkantha district who were sued for ₹4.2 crore in damages, notes that the case against his clients is yet to be withdrawn. Their case next comes up for hearing in an Ahmedabad commercial court on June 12.

Sources familiar with PepsiCo’s decision say that the withdrawal of cases will be done as and when the cases come up in court.

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